Hope and Comfort In The Book Of Job

Written by Cornelis Van Dam

Do you experience pain and suffering? Struggling Christians are often drawn to the book of Job, which relates how a suffering child of God wrestled with the problems that threatened to overwhelm his life. We can easily relate to Job’s distress and questions. But what is the main teaching of this part of God’s Word?

These sermons show that the focus of the book of Job is on God’s faithfulness to his work of renewal in spite of satanic attacks and human stumbling. This gospel is the true source of hope and comfort for all who experience earthly trials.

Hope and Comfort in the Book of Job is a collection of eight sermons that can be used as a book for personal enrichment and encouragement, as a guide for Bible studies, or in public worship, with the liturgy provided.

Includes questions for personal or group study.

Soft cover, 141 pages

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