Regina Dei Gratia

By Klaas (Clarence) Stam

In this book, Rev. Stam discusses the message and meaning of the book of Esther. Although the Name of God is not mentioned once in this book, there is ample evidence that God governs in such a way that his people are preserved for the great day of the Lord Jesus Christ. By his sovereign grace, God calls Esther to be queen of Persia for the benefit of his church. 

The book of Esther has a pivotal function in the Bible. It tells us how in the transition from the old to the new world, from eastern to western empires, the way of salvation in Christ is kept open. The scene is set for the birth of the Saviour of the world. The great King is coming. The Purim feast is today the church's celebration of advent.

Soft Cover, 96 pages

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